February 19, 2021

If you are looking to set up a wholesale or a drop shipping model for your e-commerce business, Salehoo is one of the best sources. 

The main difficult part of selling online is finding a niche and finding customers.

Salehoo finds the drop shippers who are reliable as well as cheap to resell items with profit.

With Salehoo at your disposal:

  • You will just need a laptop and a internet connection.

  • Won’t be needing intial investment or need to spend any money on inventory, materials and tools.

  • You will have to only pay to your supplier once you have made sale with them.

  • There is potential for high revenue and you have a low barrier for entry.

  • Will be able to expand your business quickly as most of the work will be done by your supplier and sales won’t be necessary translate into more work.

  • You wont have hire more staff and won’t need to operate from warehouse and you will avoid the overheads that come with that.

Salehoo contains the wholesalers and drop shippers, which help get good quality products over a wide range with the lowest prices with super speedy delivery.

Salehoo was founded out of Simon Slade (co-founder) was frustrated for not being able to find a wholesale who would carter for new business. And this was how Salehoo was born and now it has over 8,000 trusted wholesale and dropshipping suppliers. Not only that but the company offers over 1.6 million recognisable brands that you can sell to your customer. Currently the company has estimated 137,00 paying members that have taken advantage of these opportunities.

Scroll down to look into the features of Salehoo to understand its use in a better way. We will look into the benefits of Salehoo to gain more information to understand it.

Features: Salehoo Review

We can look into the features of the Salehoo to know in detail regarding its functions.

  • Wholesale Suppliers

The wholesale supplier tool gives a variety and extensive suppliers.  

In their listing, you can see the wholesale prices for the branded items.

It also helps to look up to the profit for the product you sell.

With a few clicks, you can select the products as its specially designed for the members.

  • Dropshipping Suppliers

Salehoo also provides suppliers for drop shipping.

However, the suppliers assessing and verified the platform, which is a trustworthy one. 

To avoid scams, you can use Salehoo to have uninterrupted services for dropshipping.

In the dropship supplier platform, you can see the information like shipping specifications, reviews, product range, contact information regarding how shipping, and where shipping will do.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard of the Salehoo is very easy in learning and navigation.

The integrated platform has all the things that you require for easy navigation.

The supplier’s transaction will save. So, you can save the suppliers you want to work again. It helps to avoid searching again and again.

  • Market Research

Always finding a niche filtered is difficult. Salehoo helps to find a niche that is having fewer competitors. 

They use competition data and sell rates as that will help you to choose products for selling.

  • Support and Training

Salehoo not only provides a platform, but it will also provide support and training. 

You can reach the support team via email, telephone, or live chat.

The training will strengthen the offers a business guide with step by step procedure guides in variant marketplaces.

Benefits: Salehoo Review

  • Customer Service: 

    • Salehoo customer support is the top notch and you would be very hard pressed to find a bad word said about them.

  • Brands:

    • Salehoo brands ranges from Disney, lego, Adidas, Sony etc.

  • Suppliers:

    • All suppliers in Salehoo have been vetted and you can have fully trus t them and you won’t be scammed.

  • Training:

    • Salehoo provides you with fantastic training as they have taken their time to understand their customers, trawled through issues on their community forum and put together comprehensive guides and videos to help them out.

  • No hidden Fees:

    • Salehoo offers you a year fee and there are no hidden fees, however you may end up paying an application fee to supplier.

  • Low minimum orders

  • Market Research


Salehoo offers a price of $67 for access per year while it also has another option which is a lifetime access for just $127. Pricing might be seen as very competitive within its market. Salehoo’s competitor Worldwide Brands who has a comprehensive directory of wholesale that is upward of 16 million and its membership costs $299.

You can go through the below information to understand the benefits of Salehoo

  • It is providing uninterrupted customer support through live chat, email, telephonic.

  • It has many suppliers, and you can choose a supplier of your choice.

  • The contact information of the supplier can save, and the transactions made also saves into your account.

  • The training helps you to learn a lot more.

  • There are no hidden charges.

  • The market research access is available

Conclusion: Salehoo Review

The Salehoo review helps you to choose the sellers wisely. You can choose the products in looking for wholesale prices. We hope the features of Salehoo will surely help you to grow your eCommerce business.

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